Inbound Calls Are "Five To Ten Times" More Valuable Than Completed Forms

Smart executives and marketers know that the most valuable lead type of all is when a current or prospective customer picks up the phone and rings your business. An article in wrote: "A phone call is worth between 500 percent and 1,000 percent (five to 10 times) more in revenue than a completed form will generate." We agree!

The business case for call tracking and call recording is obvious. Since inbound calls are a treasure trove of marketing value - you should apply the same rigorous tracking and measurement to this lead type as you do other conversions. This allows growth-oriented executives to optimise for more calls.
How Call Tracking & Call Recording Works
Phone Numbers Pool Of Multiple Phone Numbers

You allocate a pool of phone numbers to your business - each forwarding to your standard end-point or IVR. The call tracking JavaScript snippet is placed on your website and will automatically rotate phone numbers from the pool (with a time-out).

JavaScript Snippet Add JavaScript Snippet To Your Site

We help you add a couple lines of JavaScript to your website. This JavaScript snippet will dynamically replace the phone number displayed to the website visitor with one of your phone numbers from your allocation pool, based upon traffic source and taking note in the call tracking solution's database.

Prospect Calls InProspect Calls In

When one of your website visitors picks up the phone and calls you - they call the number they are seeing. The call tracking/call recording solution checks this against the pool of numbers database and can work out what the caller was looking at, what channel they came from and so on.

Analysis & Optimization Analysis & Optimization

Now you've got the data, it can be analysed (and improved). Which marketing channels create the highest number of inbound calls? Want to listen to each of your calls to hear how your team are handling them? The system handles all of this and more.

Why we're huge fans of call tracking and call recording

  • Before rolling out call tracking/call recording, it was near impossible for us to know where our inbound calls were coming from. By implementing this solution, we now understand the true value of our paid advertising in our business. Using this data, we can ensure we get more inbound callers looking to book appointments.

    Dr Shermain Wong Jurmaine Health

Discover how to apply call tracking and call recording to your business

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