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We're technology agnostic...
but we have some favourites

magento 2

We love Magento! And Magento 2.0 has us very excited, indeed. Of all the available open-source E-Commerce solutions available, it is by far the best and most mature. It is flexible, well modularised, object-orinted in nature and open-source.

Whether you're on the Enterprise Edition or the Community Edition, our Magento-focused developers with a high level of attention to detail will make sure that everything works exactly as it should. (If you're looking for cheap dirty hacks, looks elsewhere).

We've even developed Magento Extensions for clients and as seperate stable standalone products. If you haven't delved deeply into the writing Magento Extensions - you probably don't understand Magento development that well.

custom development Custom Development

There's a reason why a growing number of $100M+ revenue online retailers have decided to roll their own E-Commerce solutions. If you need something insanely fast and reliable - we've got you covered.

Straight forward? No.But, sometimes, you need performance that loading hundreds of our of the box extensions and libraries you won't ever use can't give you.

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E-Commerce is 80% strategy and 20% technology

The cold hard truth is that the value of technology in E-Commerce is generally overly estimate. It’s important that your site loads quickly, is stable, is easily managed and scales. However, the best technology will fail if the site itself has awful user experience, a poor check-out process, low conversion rate or not enough traffic.

There aren’t too many agencies out there that understand both the technology and the strategy and can tie it all together in a way that delivers results. We’d like to think this where we excel. By working with us, you won’t just have a technology provider following your instructions and E-Commerce requirements - you’ll have an active partner taking an active role in ensuring the strategy, execution works so that it actually delivers (measurable) sales and growth.

Chances are you don’t know what the perfect check-out process is. We have a 63-point check-list based upon some of the world leading UX research on this point alone - so we do.

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