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Entrust us with your Google AdWords account and acquire more customers, at a lower acquisition cost.

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Highly relevant advertisement written for CTR and conversion rate, communicating your value proposition and offer.
Direct highly targeted potential buyers searching in your target geography to a highly relevant landing page designed for maximum conversion rate and Google AdWords Quality Score.

Complete "Done For You" PPC Campaign Management


1: Campaign Set-up

We set up your Google AdWords account (from scratch or re-built) correctly from day one - including custom built campaigns for the search network and ad-groups built around the keywords identified in our keyword research as having the highest potential.


2: Analytics Set-Up

We set up and configure your Google Analytics (and Google Tag Manager) account and ensure Google Analytics/Universal Analytics is tracking your site in the most optimal manner possible.


3: Scale Across Networks

We continue to add additional online advertising sources (including re-marketing, Facebook, Yahoo! and Bing) which convert profitably for you as long as it’s within your budget.


4: Add ‘Secret Sauce’

We make daily use of a multitude of proprietary tools, developed in-house, to increase our management efficiency. These include an in-house ad copy creative split testing solution.


5: Weekly Reporting - In Plain English

In addition to regular communication summarising account performance, you’ll receive a weekly summary report including how many new customers were brought in, how much revenue was generated, in plain English.


6: Monthly Strategy Calls

You’ll also have a scheduled strategy call with your campaign manager at least once a month to cover updates and discuss the direction of your unique account.

Why Use Web Marketing ROI for Google Adwords Management?

We don’t cut corners on your account - and we give it the time and attention it requires to manage properly.

We’ll log into your account daily and make changes (spending at least 20 minutes per day) in your account, writing ad copy, disabling non-performing ads, adding news ads to be split tested, tweaking bids.

The most ‘conversion-savvy’ and ‘commercially-savvy’ Google Adwords Management Team.

Being able to optimise a Google AdWords account for cost-per-click is one thing, but ultimately, the very best goal is to optimise for revenue or profit. Think about it. Would you rather have an account with cheap clicks but no revenue, or an account with slightly more expensive clicks that makes your company more money than it costs, every single day? If you want to squeeze every last drop of performance out of your Google AdWords account, we’re your team. This means a lot more work (so a lot of agencies won’t bother).

One of Australia’s most technically savvy Google AdWords management teams.

Can your current Google AdWords agency write code to use the Google AdWords API to import offline conversion data straight into your account from your CRM? Probably not. What about correctly attributing, monitoring and tracking inbound phone calls from Google AdWords? Does your current agency have their own in-house software tool for A/B testing ad copy and spinning up new creative? No? You might want to try the Web Marketing ROI experience.

We’re a Google Partner
(and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals, too)

We were awarded Google Partner status for our team each completing all of the Google AdWords exams and monthly Google AdWords budget managed in our Google AdWords MCC (My Client Center) account.

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

We were awarded Bing Ads Accredited Professional status for completion of the Bing Ads Accredited Professional Exam across all members of our team.

The difference you can see in your bottom line

Criteria Web Marketing ROI Most Other Agencies
Where do they direct the traffic? Highly relevant custom designed landing pages Your home page
Conversion tracking? Always Rarely
How often they log into the account? Daily When the client gets angry
Time spent in account? More than 20 minutes per day 20 minutes per month
Number of changes made in ‘Change History’? More than 30 a month One a month
Landing Pages? One for each ad group - custom designed for conversion and performance LeadPages or not at all
Type of reporting? Simply and easy to read showing cost-per-lead and campaign R.O.I. Complicated without ROI/Conversion data
Report Frequency Weekly Monthly
Call Tracking? Always Sometimes
Call Recording Yes Rarely
Track Offline Sales? Yes ‘Can’t be done’.
Optimise QS? Daily Rarely
Account Granularity Maximum Granularity 1 Campaign + Couple Ad Groups
Split Test Your Landing Pages? Yes “No, we just do AdWords.”
Number of clients managed? Less accounts - higher spend per account Lots of client with very small spend
Optimise For? R.O.I. (Gross Profit / Spend) Cost-per-click
Typical Results? Increase R.O.I. by >300% in 12 months Your clicks are cheaper (but worse R.O.I.)
Average spend per client $182,000 Break-even or loss
Average R.O.I. 549% $12,000
Sales Coaching? Actionable advice on how to close more AdWords leads None
Contracts? Month-to-month...we justify our value every month Often lock you in long-term

We succeed when you succeed.

Month-to-month Pricing Grid(with no long-term commitment) Your Google AdWords™ Spend Per Month Price Structure
$250,000+ 9% of ad spend
$79,500 - $250,000 10% of ad spend
$10,500 - $79,499 11% of ad spend
Less than $10,500 $1,000 monthly minimum
Note: Our fees do not include any payments made to search engines.